Every year at the Bennetts Coaches Annual Staff Party, we hold an auction and raffle to raise funds for our charity of choice. Over the past six years, we have raised in excess of £13,000 for our chosen charities.

For 2019-2020, we are delighted to announce that we raised an incredible £3,100.00 for the James Hopkins Trust who provide nursing respite care for Gloucestershire’s life limited and life threatened young children.

The James Hopkins Trust was established in 1989 to provide care for babies and children up to the age of 5 who have a life limiting or life-threatening condition while supporting their families. They currently support over 100 children in Gloucestershire and have helped well over 600 children and their families in every corner of Gloucestershire. They are here to create very special, lasting memories at Kites Corner, which is filled with love and laughter.

James Hopkins Trust needs an enormous £570,000 a year to ensure Gloucestershire families with a life limited or life threatened young child continue to receive free nursing respite. This is approximately £1,700 a day. A huge amount, but if everyone in Gloucestershire paid just £1.00 each, we would be able to help more Gloucestershire families.

£10.00 – will pay for a child to enjoy 1 hour in our multi-sensory room.

£15.00 – will pay for a 1-hour nursing respite in the child’s family home.

£60.00 – will pay for a 4-hour respite session for one child at Kites Corner.

£500.00 – will pay for one child’s 24-hour break and sleepover at Kites Corner.

A huge thank you to all those who donated, provided a gift or voucher that we could auction off or put in the raffle during the evening of the Staff Party. Any contribution you made, big or small, has really made a difference to the James Hopkins Trust. All of us at Bennetts Coaches are extremely happy with the efforts put in by all, thank you everyone.