Our coaches are listed with the ‘registration’ and ‘date registered’, so our customers can identify each of the individual coaches we operate and observe where company investments are attributing to the on-going expansion of the company..

You can also view the ‘make’, ‘model’, ‘capacity’ and ‘type’ of coach, together with the type of ‘seat belt’ fitted to each coach. Should you require a particular size coach for private hire, or if you would like to request a 3-point belt system for a school trip, all that we offer is listed below.

RegistrationDate RegisteredMakeModelCapacityTypeEmisson StandardSeat BeltAlcolockToilet
BF21 EUA29/03/2021MercedesTourismo53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BF21 EUB29/03/2021MercedesTourismo53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV69 LTO22/10/2019MercedesTourismo53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV69 KPY16/10/2019ScaniaLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV69 KPX16/10/2019ScaniaLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV19 XRB16/06/2019ScaniaLevante49National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV19 YHL07/05/2019MercedesTourismo53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
YD19 HJC01/03/2019YutongTC9 Auto37Standard CoachEuro 63 PointNONO
BM68 AHG12/02/2019Caetano Levante48Wheelchair accessible Euro 6 3 PointYESYES
BM68 AHJ12/02/2019Caetano Levante48Wheelchair accessible Euro 6 3 PointYESYES
BD68 TXA01/02/2019Caetano Levante48Wheelchair accessible Euro 6 3 PointYESYES
BD68 TXB01/02/2019Caetano Levante48Wheelchair accessible Euro 6 3 PointYESYES
BD68 TXC01/02/2019Caetano Levante48Wheelchair accessible Euro 6 3 PointYESYES
BC68 BUS 21/11/2018YutongTC9 Auto 35Standard CoachEuro63 PointAWAITEDNO
GL05 BUS11/05/2018MercedesTourismo43Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV67 JYK01/11/2017VolvoLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV67 JYL01/11/2017VolvoLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV67 JYN01/11/2017VolvoLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV67 JYO01/11/2017VolvoLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV67 JYP01/11/2017VolvoLevante48National ExpressEuro 63 PointYESYES
BN17 JPU01/06/2017MercedesTourismo49Executive Coach / TablesEuro 63 PointYESYES
BV66 WPZ01/12/2016VolvoLevante49Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BJ16 KYV17/05/2016MercedesTourismo53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BJ16 KYB04/05/2016MercedesTourismo51/53Executive CoachEuro 63 PointYESYES
BD15 XZN11/05/2015MercedesTourismo49Executive CoachEuro 62 PointYESYES
BU13 ZVC15/05/2013MercedesTourismo49/53Executive Coach 49 / Standard Coach 53Euro 53 PointYESYES (49)
RF61 CYJ22/02/2012MercedesSprinter16MinibusEuro 53 PointNONO
BK11 CNZ18/05/2011MercedesTourismo53Standard CoachEuro 52 PointNONO
BN11 UFT18/04/2011MercedesTourismo53Standard CoachEuro 53 PointNONO
FJ60 EFP27/10/2010VolvoLevante67Standard CoachEuro 53 PointYESNO
FJ60 EFR27/10/2010VolvoLevante67Standard CoachEuro 53 PointYESNO
FJ60 EFS27/10/2010VolvoLevante67Standard CoachEuro 53 PointYESNO
EV10 BUS29/03/2010MercedesTourismo49/53Executive Coach 49 / Standard Coach 53Euro 52 PointNONO (53)